FUSIONConcert • Sint-Jansvest 28, Ghent • Thursday 27 October 2016 • 18:30

FUSION was a collaborative project between PE Live and Every Nation Gent (ENG). The caption symbolizes the unity of our hearts and minds in seeking to serve our generation through the medium of music.


We recognize that good music is central to the well-being and prosperity of the soul. For this reason, we aim to treat you to a cozy night of gospel and other inspirational music (and dance) in a completely relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will be served with a blend of contemporary music cutting across many genres. You will meet singers from different backgrounds, female rappers, street choreographers, amazing instrumentalist, fellow students, the incredible family of ENG as will as the ever-inspirational PE Crew! Come with an anticipation and expect to be “Fused-in”.